2061570026This country is 98% desert. Its population consist upon 90% Arabs and 10% Arfo-Asian. Nationality of Saudi Arabia is Saudi and national language is Arabic but English is widely spoken. English is considered 2nd language in schools and in offices too. Many other languages are also spoken by Saudi residential like Urdu by Pakistanis and Turkish and Farsi. Currency of this country is Saudi Riyal. Riyadh is capital of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has many attractive places to visit e:g; National museum, National Zoo, Kingdom center etc.

Islam was started in Saudi Arabia as told by a Muslim friend of mine working at San Antonio water softener. He said that People in Saudi Arabia are Muslims while large numbers of Muslims are Sunni Muslim and rest of others are Shia Muslim. They pray five times a day for their Allah. They fast in holy month of Ramadan on every year. Fasting means no food, no drink, no smoking and not even gum chewing. The time of fast starts from fajar (dawn) and ends on Magrib (Dusk). Friday is holy day in Islam (A Mubarak day) so it is holiday and Thursday is also off, considering a weekend.

They dance with sword on very special events and celebrations. At start of any important event or wedding they recite Quran (A Holy book).  Painting, sculptures, and folk art is very famous in Saudi culture. They eat boiled rice with roasted meat, goat, cow, chicken, rabbit, camel, cheese, butter, barley, honey, dates, and fresh vegetables. They don’t eat any meat which is not ritually slaughtered (which is not Halal means which is not slaughtered while saying Takbeer). Tea and coffee is very popular hot beverages in offices all day. They honored their guests by offering them many delicious food items.

The greeting style is very different in Saudi Arabia. Men shake hands for longer than in western culture and kiss on both cheeks. While women hug and kiss their close friends and in business they shake hands or place hand on heart to show respect and welcome the next person. While men and women do not greet in public as it is considered against Sunnah. Being rude or staring someone is considered worse than death. Men and women avoid eye contact as stated in Islam. They are very friendly, hostile, generous people.