things-to-do-in-beijing-0Beijing capital city of the People’s Republic of China and serves as the seat of power for the communist political command. Beijing is not only a modern global city but still holds the glory of its bygone era. It features various attractions from temples, palaces, bars and clubs to museums, amusement parks, and luxurious shopping malls.

Your trip to this intriguing city is China can’t be complete without learning the cultural and historical legacy of Beijing at the Lama Temple, Tiananmen Square. The Fragrant Hills offer a perfect place to find solace. Me and my friend was heading towards my New Braunfels Dentist while he was telling me that Beijing is also home to world-class signature stadiums, colossal flyovers, and shimmering skyscrapers. Some of the things to see in Beijing include:

  • The Temple of Heaven Park

This landmark was built in the fifteenth century and is the largest temple complex in China. It is a UNESCO World heritage site and there is much you can learn from it about the rich cultural legacy of Beijing and China.

  • Fragrant Hills Park

You’ll find the Fragrant Hills Park next to Western Hills. If you love hiking around head to the Incence-Burner Peak. However, you may opt for the chairlift rather than walking. Visit during autumn and enjoy the spectacular view when the hillside is covered with red maple leaves.

  • Beijing Botanical Gardens

Spend some time out of Beijing’s bustling atmosphere by heading towards the Western Hills in the beautiful botanical gardens. Here, you’ll find a rainforest house and more than 3000 different species of flora.

  • Bell Tower

The bell Tower in Beijing was originally constructed in 1272 and was used for making general announcements. At times it informed citizens on curfews. This structure was, however, destroyed several times. You can enjoy stunning views of Beijing City at the present structure which dates back to 1745.

  • Tour the Hutong District

A tour to Hutong is similar to going back in time and experiencing the ancient times.

Other places to visit when in Beijing include the Bird’s nest, Beijing Zoo, Beijing Aquarium, 798 Art District, Lama Temple, and Tiananmen Square.