Comal River Tubing Conditions

frontimg2The tubing season at comal river 2016 starts with a bang with tourists from every part actively taking their families and friends for a fun day tubing comal river with comal tubes. Comal tubes provide vinyl designed tubes made specifically for river tubing. Most of our tubes have a neck rest and a cup holder. We do have some tubes without the neck rest and cup holder available.

We have smaller tubes available for smaller children. We will take you upstream and have you float back to us. All children under 12 will be required to wear a life jacket. We require that everyone wear some kind of protective footwear in the river. Water shoes work best. We have water shoes for sale here. Sandals or flip-flops do not work well and will most likely get lost. Because of the high possibility of cut or injured feet therefore no shoes==no tubing.

Dogs are allowed on the tubes as we have special tubes just for your doggies. We recommend that you bring dry clothes to change into, and a towel. Sunscreen is always a good idea. If you want to bring lunch, drinks or a snack, we have tubes that will float your cooler. Tubing has become a popular activity on the comal river 2015.

Because of this we strongly recommend reservations on week days, and require reservations on weekends and holidays. Although walk-ins are always welcome, we cannot guarantee tube availability without a reservation.

The Comal river water level is mostly maintained constant because it is fed by underground springs. Since throughout the year a constant and safe comal river water level is maintained therefore it’s a perfect holiday destination for kids and families .A steady water flow with an average depth ensures a great tubing experience .Divers should consider the fact that only the lower half of the river is deep enough or void of obstacles to be suitable for diving. Diving is best before and after water tubing hours.

The average depth of 3-4 ft, and calm flowing waters, makes it a fun place for everyone. The comal river water level remains particularly safe throughout the year but at the time of pouring it rises a little making it little precarious for the people. There are several spots which have a depth of just 2ft which is perfect fun place for kids. Tubing in a cool, calm and slow river with families during hot summer days seems to perfect family plan for holidays.
Depths to: 15 feet (4.5 m).
Visibility: 5-15 feet (1.5-4.5 m).
Water temperature: 72 F (22 C) year-round.

-We strongly suggest reservations on weekdays.
-Reservations are required for weekends and holidays.
-Payment in full is required at time of reservation.
comal river cameras 2016

New Braunfels city’s River Advisory Committee recommended setting up Comal river cam for better surveillance of the large crowd that get together for tubing in a small area. In New Braunfels you can also enjoy Sea Food. The Comal river cam would ensure a better crowd management by the official The New Braunfels City Council has approved a high-tech way to better manage large crowds of rowdy tubers on the Comal River. The committee said it would cost about $24K to install the cameras. The decision is made to make New Braunfels a better and safer place for summer activities and sports.

The pilot program calls for the installation of seven webcams at the Comal River’s Last Tuber’s Exit. This is where large crowds of tubers often gather while they wait for shuttles to pick them up. The thinking is, if they know they’re on camera, they might behave a little better. They said the Comal river live cam wouldn’t record anything, but provide a live video feed for police and tubing outfitters to keep an eye on. No one from the public could access the feed, but there would be big signs letting everyone know they’re being watched on camera, not only to encourage tubers to take it down a notch, but hopefully speeding up pick-up times based on crowd size.

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